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PAX East Event Pachinko for Charity raised just over $17,000 for Gamers with Disabilities

There are times when you see something at a convention or out with friends, or heck even just sitting at home scrolling through the news feeds, which put a smile on your face and restore a bit of faith in humanity

Like the image says above AbleGamers is a charity. Its a charity which raised over $17,000 via a Pachinko machine which sat directly to the left of the merchandise stand. For a nominal fee, you could sit down and play Pachinko, with all of the money going to charity. 

The premise was simple - $5.00 for 50 metal balls, $10 for 100 and $20 for 300 glorious clinky-clanking possible wins :D

While I never won (I am notoriously bad at games like Pachinko) I had a blast talking with fellow PAX East goers and enjoying the fact that we were able to give something back to people who need it. 

A great comment was brought up in an article on where the writer said “If someone told me I couldn’t do the things I loved anymore, it would be a hard adjustment for me to make.”

A powerful statement in my opinion, and one I think made in the best possible way, by helping someone else. If that can’t make you smile then I have to ask, what can?

If you do need one more reason to smile today, take joy in this and let me now, do you think you could eat this?

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