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Disneypocalypse - When the bad guys really do get to destroy part of your world.

Saw this image a month ago and held onto it as I wanted to find the original artist and I finally have! A gentleman by the name of Matt Rhodes did this beauty and you can find the link to his tumblr here 

Been scrolling through multiple pages and I really enjoy this guys work, lots of kick ass DragonAge stuff as well :D


Mech Runner - Concept Arts

Spark Plug Games Project on Kickstarter

This game will be available on PS4, PS Vita and Steam


Developer: Spark Plug Games

Publisher: Spark Plug Games (in-house)

Platform(s): Steam® (Windows/Mac/Linux), PlayStation® 4, and PlayStation® Vita

Release Date: Summer 2014

Press Kit:

MechRunner is a high-octane endless action game that casts you as a powerful mode-changing mech. Blast your way through decimated urban landscapes at incredible speeds while switching between robot and tank modes to rain punishment on endless waves of mechanical foes. MechRunner features exciting, non-stop action, stunning 3D visuals and a Hollywood-style soundtrack.

Other features of the game include:

● Switch between Robot and Tank modes on-the-fly

● Slice & dice enemy units with your swords

● Rescue civilians for extra points and awards

● Access an extensive arsenal of weapons, customizations, and power-ups

● Unique environments that blend seamlessly together

● Numerous enemy types with different tactics

● Epic boss battles

● A dynamically shifting environment offers unexpected obstacles, cover and danger

● Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements

For additional information, please contact: Ted Brockwood


If you want to back this game like me, just go HERE !


Here some Screenshots and the Video Presentation for this game.

Gotta reblog this as it looks pretty awesome

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘Brothers’ TV Spot - A Splinter teaser 

A few more vocal aspects from the turles themselves, but by in large this is a retread of the previous trailer. New however is a shot of splinter and some of the footclan (or what I assume to be the footclan)

You don’t really get to see much of Splinter, but the voice over SOUNDS somewhat similar to the previous live action movies/cartoons. The shot of his back with a katana in hand facing off against what looks like to be The Shredder (14 second mark or look at the image below)

Splinter vs Shredder ??

Still very uneasy about how this looks to play out, but I guess we will see once it comes out (and has passed the “box office week”)

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction: Dinobots

So, just wanted to post, the official artwork from Hasbo I put up earlier has gotten (for me) quite a few notes/comments. I failed to take into account the love people have for this property/franchise.

As a huge Transformer fan myself, I have been doing my best to remain, at the minimum, neutral to Transformers 4 and the changes they are making. My suggestion of a Dimetrodon has garnered much “aww hell no” as it is (a) not within the same time period, which is true, and (b) apparently not as cool as a Spinosaurus. 

You can find the full rant here, and it is a rant, but I think some good points are made, and the comments made by others also bring up some excellent points, and correct some of my misconceptions/incorrect info. 


Anonymous asked:

SPINOSAURS ARE AMAZING DON'T HATE. That being said, Scorn looks NOTHING like a spinosaur.

I have nothing against spinosaurus. I personally don’t know much about them, so I have no real “hate/love” for the creature on its own. My rant/objection was in how it seems the size/scale was being drastically altered. Grimlock was always depicted as “the biggest”, yet the spinosaurus (by way of a quick wiki check) seems to be larger then the T-rex. 

All in all, I am just a bit of a fanboy over G1 Transformers, so I hark back to my originals from then 

Official Character Artwork from Hasbo for Transformers 4 Age of Extinction

This is artwork, and I like artwork, but I am having an increasingly hard time trying to remain objective when it comes to this movie. 

Lets start off with the most basic of issues. Why would you change the name of Slag to Slug? You are keeping the same Dinobot character, why muddle it up with a silly name change. Unless I am totally missing the boat, I don’t think Transformers Prime is so popular that the his name warrants the change.

Secondly, lets talk about Dinobot. No not what they are calling moniker for “the dinobots” but actually Dinobot, from Beastwars. He is ‘Slash’. or the Velociraptor. I may sound a bit ranty here, but why in the hell can’t you just call him Dinobot. If you HAD to give the character a name other than dinobot, why not at least something good, and not such a lazy name. Let’s just skip over ‘Scorn’ the Spinosaurus….because why use something cool like a Dimetrodon or, you know, follow the damn show/comic and use an Apatosaurus to make the team as it should be…..

Moving on

Drift, looks like an asian sterotype of the Junkions, Crosshairs doesn’t seem to have any discernible direction given to a vehicle form, and hound… sweet merciful prime, Hound looks like a fat guy with a beard. I didn’t realize Military Jeep = Fat guy with a beard.

Out of the two Decepticons they have down, I am actually okay with Lockdown. Being the “Frankenstein” creation that he is the look feels good, and I am hoping his vehicle form reflects this as well. Galvatron looks like someone just finished watching Wrestlemania and wanted to make a robot for it.

I disliked Transformers 2&3, for both many reasons, some being my enjoyment of the G1 and comic properties. This movie, while I am trying to remain at least open-minded is really pushing my buttons in a bad way.

What do you guys think?

Titanfall on Xbox 360: Not so much inferior, just a bit muddy. 

Was going to punch out a long rant on how everyone seems to be up in arms about how the Xbox 360 version runs almost as smoothly as the Xbox One version, but frankly I do not care that much. 

I have it for Xbox One, its a fun game which I enjoy playing. If it works well on Xbox 360, then that is great. The game was Xbox One’s “System seller” so its pretty fair (and obvious) that they would release it for that system first between it and the 360. 

Congrats to Bluepoint Games for putting out a good version of the game. Xbox 360 users should be ecstatic 

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