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Mortal Kombat X - Kano Trailer Gameplay

Ever been a fan of Kano myself, but with this new variation system, there is some pretty awsome potential

Cutthroat (Green): Enchanced Knife fighting, Able to power up attacks by pounding on cybernetic heart

Cybernetic (Red): Laser eye beam and grenade attacks. Good for defending against areal attacks and attack from long range

Commando (Yellow): Enchances grappling, so he can counter both high and low attacks (think King from Tekken or Tina from DOA)

Rest assured though you Kano fans, his barrel spin is still in!

Pick 13, Exoskeletons and you: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer hands-on

Excellent video and accompanying article on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Video shows off some of the weapons and the pick-10, returning from Black Ops 2, but has been upgraded to pick-13.

There is also a quick run down video for each map and an extended look at the loot system, which is a blend of TitanFall’s burn cards and Destiny’s mission/objective loot system. 

Official Call of Duty Advanced Warefare - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Showing off weapons, maps and a couple of the toys you can earn via kill-streaks, this trailer looks pretty solid. New laser weapons, concussion shotguns and the good old fashion punch to the face for melee kills are just a few of the items seen in this trailer. 


Near the end of the video is a quick rundown of the character customization and the push for Day Zero Edition, which gives you the following additions to your game

  • 24 hour EARLY access
  • Advanced Arsenal featuring the Bullet Brass Exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum directed energy weapon
  • Two Custom weapons, the AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2
  • Double XP on November 3rd

Out of all of these “perks” to this pre-order, the 24 hour early access seems to give the most benefit, as you can get in early to get a better understanding of the maps and controls.

I am still on the fence about Advanced Warfare but will you be picking it up?


Anonymous asked:

That Hyrule Warriors Features trailer originally came out In Japan and North America before the Ganondorf reveal

Oh really? I did not know that, I thought this was a new trailer that had just not included him in it. Thanks for the heads up ^_^

New Hyrule Warriors Trailer for the Wii U showing off many of the playable characters AND (if I am looking at it correctly) a couple of the named villans. 

Unfortunatly Ganondorf is not in this trailer, even though he was just annoucned recently to be part of the game, but even still, lots of cool characters to choose from and there may be more to unlock/not released. 

Hyrule Warriors will be released Sept 19th 2014 exclusively on the Wii U


I was just informed that this trailer actually came out in both Japan and North America BEFORE Ganondorf was announced as a character.  

SPOILER for Guardians of the Galaxy: Where do you think the reaming three Infinity Gems will appear

Small spoiler for those who have not seen the latest Marvel Cinema blockbuster. I have also not seen it, but the trailers give this away fairly clearly so I wanted to try and get a conversation going on the three remaining infinity gems, that will lead us into the Infinity Gauntlet’s completion. Lets take a look at the seemingly solid list for dates on Marvel’s upcoming movies (with a awesome wish-list graphic at the end).

May 1: Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17: Ant-Man

May 6: Captain America 3 (not official title)
July 8: Untitled

May 5: Untitled
July 27: Untitled
Nov. 3: Untitled

July 6: Untitled
Nov. 2: Untitled

May 3: Untitled

The first point of order that should be discussed is what gems/stones have we already seen. Do we take the indications based on colour alone? or do we go off the abilities the Infinity gems/stones exhibit. Let’s run down the list.

Mind (Blue): The gem/stone in Loki’s staff allowed him to take control of others Loki’s Staff. The colour of this gem/stone was a rich blue, one traditionally associated with the Mind.
Space (Light Blue): Known as the Tesseract this gem/stone opened up portals within Captain America’s and The Avengers movies. Traditionally hued purple, the Tesseract was a pearlish blue, glowing lighter and brighter than the gem/stone within Loki’s staff (Mind).
Reality (Red): The red mist, the bringer of the dark. Aether the red gem/stone from Thor 2: The Dark World was used by Malekith of the Dark elves to bring the end of the universe back to darkness. The Reality gem/stone is normally seen as yellow.
Power (Purple): Explicitly named in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the Power gem is a destructive force. Traditionally seen in red, to represent rage and annilation, this gem/stone is the same colour as an  amethyst.

This leaves us with two remaining gems to be discovered before Avengers 3, the Time gem, and the Soul gem. My money is on having Vision interact with the Soul Gem, which turns him from Ultron’s path and joins him to the Avengers. This would leave the Time Gem in the possible hands of Dr. Strange or Ant-man. 

Pure speculation on those last two points, and pure fan wishing on this image below, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were true! Leave your opinions/comments and we can speculate together! Who do you want to interact with the remaining gems?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Lame name but cool collectors?

Call of Duty has, over the last 3-5 games depending on who you ask, seen a small decline in sales numbers (they are still ridiculous mind you) and a rapid increase in vocal hate for the series. 

Advanced Warfare, the latest iteration to the series to come out later this year, looks to shake up this funk by moving us into the not too distant future. The immediately mocked name aside, there is a collectors edition which seems to buck the trend of most traditional physical collectors editions. 

The image above is your bog standard price point game at $59.99, consisting of…well just the game. For the general population this will be your purchase.

Your next price point its $79.99, gets you the “Limited edition” which is called the Atlas Limited Edition. It includes the game (obviously), a steel book metal case, game soundtrack, two weapons and a military exoskeleton in single-player mode. 

The Atlas Pro Edition (picture above) includes everything from the Limited edition as well as the season pass for Advanced Warfare, which is promising four downloadable content packs in 2015.

So a Collectors edition without any physical content to it, is this a win? a fail? or because its Call of Duty you don’t actually care?

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